About Us


We are a company providing comprehensive online training solutions to both current and prospective traders – trading the Global Market.

Many of our clients have completed our training and enjoyed the benefits of applying the skills and knowledge taught by us to create wealth.


Our team continuously does research in new trading techniques as technology advances to new levels all the time.

Our Approach

The training that a client acquires from us can be applied when trading most instruments available on the global market.

Online Training

All our training is done online through training videos and supporting documentation.



Rick Potgieter started company

EMQ Training Solutions was established in 2009 by Rick Potgieter in South Africa

Operates in Australia

Since 2017, EMQ Training Solutions started to expand beyond the South African borders and now also operates in Australia.

Opened for the Asian Market

In 2019 we started to offer our training to the Asian Market as well, including Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Our Vision


Trading the global market made possible for current and prospective traders.

Our mission is to enable our clients to use trading the global market as a vehicle towards wealth creation through our comprehensive online training and continues support by offering quality client services.

The training that we offer, starts with the basics of what trading is, explaining the forex market, working through the popular trading terminology and much more.

Then we discuss important topics like Risk Management, the Characteristics of Successful Traders and Money Management.

The course includes our ‘keep it super simple’ EMQ Approach strategy where clients can learn how to trade consistently successful!

Regulated Broker

Our Broker of choice is a regulated broker in Europe, Australia, Japan, British Virgin Islands and South Africa.

Trading Platforms

We use the world’s most popular trading platform MetaTrader4 – with full mobile trading support.


We offer a complete and comprehensive course that clients can follow step by step - from the basics to important topics and strategies.


Our clients can trade in peace, knowing they are in good hands as we constantly improve and expand our training material.


Customer support is very important to use. Please make use of our build-in support service and we will get back to you asap!

Trading Signals

Members can subscribe to our WhatsApp trading notification signals free of charge.