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We provide services

EMQ Training Solutions is a company providing algorithm based
online - trading solutions to both current and prospective traders for the global market.

Comprehensive Training

We provide members with the necessary training to design their unique multi – order automated algorithmic trading system without having to program MQL code.

Trading Methodes

We offer LIVE training on both Hedge and Trend based automated grid trading strategy.


In depth training on a continuous basis and exceptional support is what distinguishes EMQ Training Solutions from its rivals.

Who we are
& What we do

Many clients have completed our training and enjoy the benefit of applying the skills and knowledge taught by us to create wealth.

The training a client acquires from us can be applied when trading most instruments available on the Global market. The team at EMQ TS continuously does research in new trading techniques, as technology advances to new levels all the time. All training through EMQ Training Solutions is done on simulation.

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Our Benefits

What we offer:

  • Life time Membership;
  • Support and Assistance;
  • Compimentary Online Training;
  • All Training material accessable online;
  • Live Training Seminars are available for all Premium Plus members.

Our Customers Says About Us

Passion Driven

New clients are referred to us by satisfied existing clients.

Because we do not make use of agents to sell our product, we understand the importance of giving all we can to give clients a world-class experience.

We strive to offer our clients a complete training solution, yet in the most simplistic manner possible..

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