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MT4 Strategy Builder:
  • MT4 Strategy Builder runs on the MT4 platform and provides for various pre-programmed strategies.

    Once the tool is set up, it can be run 24/7 on dedicated servers, to avoid ‘downtime’ due to power outages, internet access interruptions, or simply having to move your laptop from one location to another. Traders therefore have complete peace of mind that their accounts are traded with a uniquely designed trading strategy, without interruption and without the requirement for any form of human intervention.

    This Training Module includes complete step by step guides to assist you to trade with the MT4 Strategy Builder on the MT4 Platform.
  • * Regular LIVE Training and mentorship workshops.

SPAM (Secure Profit Algorithmic Method) Training:
  • This training will assist you to become a successful independent trader on the global market in 3 easy steps trading an algorithmic approach with limited human intervention.
    1. Create your trading Account
    2. Install your trading Platform
    3. Complete your Basic and Advance training videos

     All training through EMQ Training Solutions is done on simulation. It remains the clients decision when to start trading on a real account.

     We strive to offer our clients a complete training solution, yet in the most simplistic manner possible.

  • * Basic Training (Day 1 and 2);
  • * Advance Training (Day 3);
  • * All Training done Online.

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