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MT4 Strategy Builder (‘StratBuilder’) runs on the MT4 platform and provides for various pre-programmed strategies.

Once the tool is set up, it can be run 24/7 on dedicated servers, to avoid ‘downtime’ due to power outages, internet access interruptions, or simply having to move your laptop from one location to another. Traders therefore have complete peace of mind that their accounts are traded with a uniquely designed trading strategy, without interruption and without the requirement for any form of human intervention.

Sample trading strategies
StratBuilder allows the user to develop their own unique strategies, but two grid trading sample strategies are included with every download of the software.
  • Fully-automated hedge strategy
    This strategy is fully automated and no trader input is required (software opens and closes positions on behalf of the trader)
    No fundamental nor technical analyses of the market is required
    LONG positions serve as hedge for SHORT positions and vice versa and Trailing stops are applied to all positions
    The MaxProfit control is used to close all open positions simultaneously, when the targeted percentage profit on account equity is reached (ring-fenced per symbol)
  • Semi-automated trend strategy
    Limited user intervention is required, but once the settings have been synced to a remote server, the strategy is automated (opens and closes positions on behalf of the trader)
    Fundamental and technical analyses of the market is required, but directional prompts based on trendline analyses are provided by the StratBuilder team for eight (8) symbols, comprising a selection of currency pairs, commodities and indices
    Stoplosses and Takeprofits may be set for individual trades, to complement the MaxProfit control
  • * Regular LIVE Training and mentorship workshops are presented.

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