About Our Company

What to expect

What can you expect when becoming a member of EMQ Training Solutions

Many of our members enjoy the benefit of trading full time by applying our sample set files to their trading platform and automate trading within minutes.

Our approach to trading solves the two most common obstacles,

“Time and Emotions”.
Ninety five percent of aspiring traders are withheld the privilege of benefitting financially from the world financial markets because off the above mentioned.

Although there are no guarantees,

trading can potentially become a passive income stream adding value to your lifestyle when partnering with us.

EMQ TS has managed to create a substantial client base over the years. Noticing the lives of many of our members changed, is probably the major driving force behind us to welcome new members into our business.

We would be privileged to partner with you in this journey.

Who we are and what we do

The training a member acquires from EMQ TS can equip them to design their unique multi – order automated algorithmic trading system. Sample strategies are supplied however, trading can be automated by applying one of these strategies.

By activating a sample strategy, our utility registered multi – order automated algorithmic trading system can be utilised as an expert advisor. Our training is done for the purpose of activating the MT4 Stratbuilder on a simulation account. EMQTS will introduce a broker and trading platform for this purpose.

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